meeting 5

the plan for a performance

so around the end of may 22-30 have a performance with my videos and Stuart with other musicians reacting to the imager that was originally sound :

  • as its when the degree show is finding a space will be a bit tricky in the university though there is a space in the middle of the library where Stuart has done performances before, and as I know Denise who is in charge of the artwork and events at the library it would probably be the best place to look so far, so need to go talk to her and hopeful it is possible and then set up a date so that Stuart can contact some musicians.
  • I also need to finalise my pieces for this event and come up with a running order for the performs (what do I want to get out of it and what do I went to give?) possible order the John Cage inspired piece, then two shot and the colour score to finish
  • also after the meeting today I feel like the collaboration is finally coming together and the performance after all the discussion will be the main collaboration.

although after making the work I could imagine it being in a gallery space as my own personal work. though for the overall work of the collaboration and working as a collaboration I feel that it would work better as a performance as it would have us both working together on the final outcome.

4.33 in 16×16

so as my first try at visualising sound was very much inspired by John Cages piece 4.33 and that idea of silence, i have gone back and rework my video to make it 4.33 mins long as a kinda homage/or to really state where the influence for the piece came from, i have also gone back and worked more on the piece as it was a bit ruff, its still not quite where i want it to be but as reworking so far has taken nearly 3 whole days so far and i don’t think i would have to have it exactly how i wanted it. also i have renamed the piece 4.33 in 16×16, the 16×16 is the amount of pixels per frame shown at a time.