trying out the projector

trying out the projector wet ok i had help form becky (course mate) to get the equipment over to the library from Hardwick and to work out the set up:

  • turns out its not too light and the projector works so should be fine in  the evening.
  • found out I need an extension cable for projector
  • needs two people to put up the screen as its too long
  • but happy iv tried it out before the day and happy I had help from becky

also found out from stuart today who is performing :

Stuart Wilding : percussion

Jon Adriessen : guitar

Spencer Allman: piano

Owain Jevens: not sure what he will be playing

mark Unsworth: keyboard

Olly Smith: guitar/ banjo

so it looks like everything is coming together for the performance, which is good, still a little nervous on how its going to turn out but excited to see what happens, and how the musicians will react to the visuals.


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