colour score

the with stuart we talk about the idea of making some sort of score with the colour, so from that idea i have taken the single  pixels and put them together experimenting with time and flow:

i some ways i prefer this one as each colour is a different frequency of sound and i can image it as an installation preferably without sound.



I’m still quite worried about this collaboration, and if I’m really collaborating or not

but to bring the sound image work more back around i have used one of stuart’s piece and turn that one into imager

thou i did try and make the process quicker and mess-up a little bit so need to work on that.


the process of making the sound to image

this is the frequency diagram for the sound


then i screen shot and put into photoshop, also changing the dpi from 72 to 300.

then zooming in as far as i can so that i can count 20×20 pixels


and screen shooting them;


once iv done a row which takes a long time i start putting them together again using photoshop, normal 3hours worth of screen shooting and putting together makes a 30sec piece so it does take a long time


Meeting 4

so in the fourth meeting with stuart we discussed my last lot of work and more about what this collaboration is doing

  • he likes my visual sound and has suggested to try the other way around if possible so sound visual.
  • we talk about the final result being a performance of some sort with; my work playing and someone performing to it or with it
  • also mentioned and light box thing that makes music from light/ which could be the sound visual and that i think would fit perfectly with that
  • I now need to find a scape for this performance but it is around the degree show time so around the university might be hard

Frequencies for equal-tempered scale

Frequencies for equal-tempered scale, A4 = 440 Hz

found a diagram of the frequency and wavelength of a note, for some reason I feel like there could be possibility to experiment with this, though i think i would need more time and a little more knowledge on the subject. but there is something about the numbers that is making me want to create something, but I think I will have to put this to the side for this project at the moment and wait till I have more time to experiment.

Saiana Bugio, Sound Portraits 2014

just came across this work, very interesting looking at the relationship between human and computer:


The increasingly complex relationship between humans and computers and the strong influence that technologies have on us in modern society lie at the basis of this project. Sound Portraits explores the problematic nature of representation and language in the contemporary digital age, while engaging with notions of identity. It focuses on the neutrality of computer language as opposed to that of human language and investigates, through visual representation, the act of translating the data that forms a picture (.jpeg) into an audio file (.mp3)

Untitled 1Untitled 2Untitled 3Untitled 4


sound and image

from looking at john cage’s work and the ideas  behind the,i have been focusing more on how sound goes with images, so i have been looking at creating work with the sound and image as the same thing

also i have been exploring sound overlapping with this piece :