John Cage

vid no sound

the light video with no sound that i have sen to stuart, I’m still not sure about this piece as i found working without the sound first quit hard and unmotivating so i have struggled  a lot with this:

Michael Basov

Michael Basov

some video work by Michael Basov to look at, very minimalist but interesting nothing and a lot going on at the same time :

what is also interesting about his work is his collaboration with different musicians, ho some times he makes work with them or for them, i think in which way he does that is affects the way in which the video turns out.

meeting 3

meeting with stuart today

  • looked over work  – talked about the effect the music had on the imager and that it has a really big impact
  • stuart mentioned that maybe i should start thinking about what sound i wanted to here with to imager and that then the collaboration would be more about are discussions rather then the music
  • i think that this could be very beneficial to my work in the long run, but at the moment not sure if I’m ready for it, nevertheless I think i should try now whist I’m working with stuart for advice and guidance
  • also i have given stuart some work for him to create sound to go along
  • we also discussed the idea of sound and the impact on visual which has started to give me more ideas

some after thoughts :

what and where is this collaboration going ?

where am i going with the visuals ? / should i link it with my ongoing project?

if so what sound/ music should i create ?

conclusion right now :

keep experimenting and making work but keep these questions in mind !!

video no sound

so from talking to stuart and having a small class critic i have been making some images without sound for stuart to make music to to see how that works but also to get more of a collaboration, i have been finding it a bit difficult to do this as I’m not sure what to do but here is an example so far :