Sophie Clements

from talking to Stuart, who has given me how idea of how to create imager for sound and how to make sound from image, one example is the work of Sophie Clements who has some really interesting sound and visual projects

like this one were she creates sound from a bike and videos it:

and her collaboration with Toby Cornish (Jutojo) and composers from the National Youth Orchestra

also how she discusses and shows how the work is created is interesting to see and gives ideas on how to create :



Assignment 001


I am intending to create moving image from collaborating with members of the Xposed club who create abstract music. What I want from this collaboration is to develop my animation and video skills as I feel this could imbed well into my practice. Collaborating with a variety of people who are create sound, gives me the opportunity to solely focus on the imagery and produce imagery for them to use with there work.

To start the collaboration, I have already met and discussed the collaboration with Stuart Wilding a member of the Xposed club. We discuss ideas of what music to use, which has lead to focusing on manly minimalist music to complement my animating style. He has given me music and sounds to work with and we have agreed to meet regularly to discus the imager I am creating for the sound.

Some screen shoots for animation I have created, and for listening to parts of the music I can imagine similar aesthetics, nevertheless this will probably change once I start createing them and listening more in depth to the sound.

With regard to audience, I am still unsure but I want to create something intriguing and abstract to complement to sound, to be show and viewed by both those intrusted in minimalist and abstract music and imagery, weather that be via exhibiting it or through the internet.

Assignment 002

Boyle Family

I have chosen to analyse the Boyle Family, as I am interested with their theme of works looking at the human body and the environment but also the work methodology and how they approach their subject matter.

With relation to my project I think that a number of their projects relate to my own practice from their moving image works such as Earth, Air, Fire and Water to the piece that involves putting skin through the enlarger and making prints.